Thursday, February 23, 2012

Move the sun mom!

My little guy is very particular about some things. One thing that drives him bananas is having the sun in his eyes. He gets very upset and tells me that I need to move the sun, “Mommy make the sun move out of the way. Move it mommy!”

Really, how powerful does my son think I am? I should be flattered. I should be really really flattered that my son thinks that I have the power and ability to make the heavens and earth move. Ha! The world revolves around ME! Take that siblings, I was right!

I guess I could just turn the car around and drive in another direction. That would be an easy solution to our little problem. That would be a smart solution. Unfortunately, we need to get home and home is in the direction of the sun. That is therefore the direction we need to be traveling in, sun or no sun.

When I tell my son that I cannot move the sun and I cannot turn the car around he asks me for my sun glasses {he is so smart}. I hand them over reluctantly {I can totally see this going either way here- I may be out a pair of sun glasses}. He puts them on and sighs, “That is much better mommy, thank you.”

Once we are out of the sun he takes off the glasses, tells me he doesn’t like them anymore and that he is going to break them. Before I can blink an eye, I hear a crack and turn around to see that he has popped out the lens on one side of my glasses and is trying to pop out the other. He hands me the glasses and tells me he is all done.

Well gee. Thanks so much. I didn’t need those at all. As I turn the corner and finish our journey home my son informs me that I need to move the sun again or fix HIS glasses…stinker!

Project 366 Day 54 of One Photo A Day

Mr. Cool
Project 366

My little guy loves looking stylish in my sunglasses. How adorable are little kids wearing adult sunglasses?

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