Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to make a Yarn Wreath

Next week my little boy will be turning three years old! Time sure does have a way of passing by rather quickly. I have been on full blown party planning mode. I am channeling my inner craftiness and trying to make a lot of the decorations for my little boys train themed birthday party.

The colors are red and baby blue. I made yarn balls a couple weeks ago and had a ton of left over yarn. So I quickly got on Pinterest to see what else I could do with my left over yarn {I am not one to waste and I pinch every penny}. I happened upon some very beautiful yarn wreaths and knew this was something even I could make {sometimes I think the craft is easier than it truly is and I wind up in a hot mess}. Funnily enough I pinned the wreath on Pinterest and found out later that I had pinned a pin from my cousins blog {I can hear it’s a small world playing in my head while picturing little wooden dolls dancing around in clogs}. I hope you enjoy!

This week I am sharing with you my yarn wreath!
My Yarn Wreath:
My red yarn wreath
What you need for this project:
·         Wreath (foam or straw)
·         Yarn (I did not use the whole skein)
·         Scissors

How to do it:
1.   Loop the yarn around the wreath and tie it off.
2.   Take the yarn and wrap it around the wreath. (There is no “perfect” when doing this. The perfection of this project comes from the imperfections so don’t worry about making everything even and center.)
3.   Once you have made your way around the wreath with the yarn tie off the yarn and cut the end off.
4.   I took a little extra yarn and made a loop on the back of the wreath so that I would be able to easily hang the wreath.

Rating: *****
Oh my goodness this was an incredibly easy project to make. It was simple and mess free. I was able to do this project while sitting on my sofa watching a movie with the hubby. No muss and no fuss; definitely my idea of a great craft.

Something to be aware of with this craft is that you need to be careful not to get your yarn knotted up. The first one that I did I got the bright idea halfway through to take my skein of yarn and turn it into a ball of yarn… Needless to say I made one hot mess and ended up tying off my yarn a couple times so that I could fix my yarn. The second time I made this wreath I took my yarn and turned it into a ball before-hand. This made winding it through the wreath easy and tangle free. I would definitely recommend using a ball of yarn over a skein of yarn for this project. It is super simple to turn your skein of yarn into a ball.

After I use these wreaths for my son’s birthday party I plan on adding some pretty felt flowers like my inspiration. I have another pin that has a tutorial for felt flowers.

The original Pin:
wreath inspiration


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