Thursday, February 16, 2012

The magic of a cardboard box!

I am highly entertained by the fact that a cardboard box can entertain children like nothing else. I that cardboard boxes are magical and hold so much interest for children because they don’t tell children what they are or how to play with them. It is completely left up to the imagination.

I love things that give you creative freedom to run wild with. When I was a little girl {as crazy as it seems I was at one point in time a child} I did not have a Barbie dream house or a motorized Ford F150 to roll in deep with. I had a linen closet with towels for furniture and an imagination.

Sometimes I wonder if I am depriving my children of creativity when I give them so many toys to play with. Am I ruining my child? Am I stifling their creative genius? Probably. Oh well. They will forgive me someday and most likely after years and years of therapy that I pay for {I am my own therapist. I didn’t have therapy and I am just fine- at least that is what I tell myself (my doctor agrees)}.  

I think that every parent thinks at one point in time or another that they are doing an awful job raising their children. Some parents are accepting of the fact that as beginner parents they don’t have a clue. Sometimes in life you have to fake it till you make it. I like to fake my children’s playtime sometimes in order to get the creative juices flowing.

What do I mean when I say that I fake my children’s playtime? It’s simple; I make something up off the top of my head. I make up a game for us to play or a craft for us to do with random household items. Today’s photo of the day is me faking playtime. One cardboard box and two little boys equals a fun game of wake the bear.  

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