Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Do you ever feel the need to accessorize?

I have said it before and I will say it again, I am not a girly girl. I own about five dresses and I rarely wear makeup. I am not big into jewelry, although I do own a few sentimental pieces that are near and dear to me. My purse collection has grown {Thank you MIL} since I have gotten older and I have started to warm up to fun shoes too. But I am by no means a girly girl.

I usually throw on something quick and simple for the day without a second thought as to my appearance. Most of the time. There are those rare occasions when I am going out and I know I am going to see people that I know and I want to look nice. This is rare, but it does happen.

Something that I cannot and will not do is leave my house with my hair a mess. I do my hair every day. I know it may seem a little crazy, but if I am not having a good hair day my whole day is in the pits. I don’t care if there is a pimple the size of Timbuktu on my forehead, my hair must be done!

The one thing that I enjoy accessorizing is my hair. I like headbands and clips and pins. When taking my little sister to try on her wedding dress for a fitting I happened upon an adorable little hair accessory that I have got to have. This hair accessory was a little too expensive for me {$120.00} but it was adorable.

I have decided that I need to get out my glue gun and get to crafting a few for myself... and the rest of the bridal party too! How adorable would this be for the bachelorette party? My little sister will of course wear a bedazzled veil, but the bridesmaids could totally rock out this accessory!

I wonder if it would be acceptable to wear this every day.  I couldn’t help myself when I was at the bridal store. I just kept trying it on. Every time I turned around I was wearing the flower clip! I think that this clip really wanted to go home with me... The feeling is mutual. I wanted to take it home too.

Project 366 Day 59 of One Photo A Day

Hair Accessory
Project 366

What accessory could you not live without?

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