Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr. Clean: My child and his vacuum.

My children used to be terrified of our old vacuum cleaner. It was big and bulky and made a racket when it was being used.  My toddler would run screaming and crying out of the room whenever I started it up.

Then I got a new Hoover stick vacuum and I can no longer vacuum my own floors. My baby crawls up to it and sits on top of it. My toddler runs up to me and takes it away from me. He wants to use it. He can turn it on and off and he can push it all by himself. He confiscated my vacuum and gets to work cleaning our low pile carpets and wood flooring.

I do not make my children do chores… well… kind of. I make my children pick up their toys and clean up after themselves. We all work together to clean up messes, no matter who made the mess. But as far as doing the dishes and scrubbing the bathroom, I think my children are a little young for that still. So where did this Mr. Clean child come from?

My best guess is that he sees mom and dad doing chores and he wants to do them too. He likes to pretend to play house and kitchen and now I can add vacuuming to the list as well. I hope he can keep this up throughout the teen years. My fingers are crossed.

Project 366 Day 55 of One Photo A Day
Mr. Clean

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